Thursday, February 25, 2010

Small Successes

We mothers need to recall our small successes throughout the week. Sometimes, particularly on busy chaotic weeks it feels like nothing got accomplished. Actually, something did!

1. "Helped" the boys clean their room. Bonus: I'm that much closer to my 40 bags in 40 days! Does an entire bag of smashed empty cereal boxes count? :)

2. Started helping my 8 year old with his piano practice for just 10 minutes per day.

3. Planned a project for the wonderful group of seven 6-8 year old boys who are here every week from 3-5 (they have science class and after it lets out they have to wait for their older sisters' class). They needed some direction.

We simply made cardstock castles but it entertained them the ENTIRE time. Now for something for next week, any ideas? They need to be inside, not running, and not too loud. It also needs to require little parental involvement since we've also got some younger ones running around. We've already played marbles (we'll do that again) and 2 treasure hunts. I'm not asking too much am I?


The Road Scholar said...

I've done MANY book clubs (Catholic and otherwise) geared at that age group. You could have them making helmets out of milk cartons (think roman solders), shields out of cardboard and duct tape, kites from plastic shopping bags and string, Jefferson Wheel decoders with strips of paper and paper cups...I've got a long list. Let me know if you have a theme you'd like to work on and I can give you some more ideas.

ViolinMama said...

This is a great list!! Thanks for inspiring me for my week! I think #1 did for me and the pantry cleaning! :)

Much love!